Start Chasing your Goals Today!

Why do you need a Coach or a plan to follow?  Motivation & Accountability!  The goal of every Hudgins Training Program is to help you achieve your goal.

There is a Hudgins Training Program (HTP) for runners or athletes of all levels.  Whether you are a beginner looking to run your first 5k, a seasoned road veteran looking to run a PR, wanting to improve your running form, or just looking to live a healthier lifestyle, HTP is designed specifically to assist you in reaching your goals.  The biggest lesson I have learned in 20+ years of running, is we all need a plan!  With an Undergraduate Degree in Fitness and Wellness and a Master’s in Exercise Physiology with a concentration in Strength and Conditioning, I am qualified to help you live a healthier lifestyle and reach your fitness goals.  

Whether you are looking for a basic running program, a full time coach, a weightlifting program, race advice, or nutritional consultation, there is a package for you with HTP!

Coaching Programs